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Protecting Jobs & Ratepayers

Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you to the more than 400 Local 18 members that showed up last week to protest the Mayor’s State of the City address. Local 18 has been at the forefront of building a clean, renewable energy future, and we strongly support legislation and policies that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. These policies must also take into consideration protecting our middle-class jobs and everyday working people.

Mayor Garcetti has announced that the LADWP will not rebuild three power plants, but he has not involved labor in policy developments. Local 18 should be at the table when creating these renewable energy policies to ensure sustainable solutions that protect our middle-class jobs and ratepayers while creating more green jobs. We need a plan that works for the working class.

IBEW Local 18 will bring attention and awareness to any energy policies that will directly impact Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) employees and the City’s most vulnerable ratepayers. The Mayor’s new policy would eliminate thousands of jobs and raise power rates for millions of hard-working Angelenos.

Local 18, in partnership with LADWP, is leading by investing in local job training and hiring for energy-efficiency projects through the Utility Pre-Craft Trainee (UPCT) program. The women and men of Local 18 are advocates of electrification and renewables, and work every day to clean up the City’s water supply and create local power generation.

We will continue to inform our membership as we move forward on this issue to support renewable energy and green jobs with union workers.

Video of Members’ Action