June 2003 •  Published for the members of IBEW Local 18 and their families

If You Are Planning to Move....

If you plan to move anytime in the near future, please remember to update your new information (address, zip, telephone number) with the Local 18 office (213/387-8274). We often send general information by mail, including updates on your benefits, meeting announcements, and important reminders.

Re-registering to vote

If you are moving, please remember that you must re-register to vote! The recent municipal elections once again proven how important it is for union members and families to vote for the labor-endorsed candidates. Voter registration forms can be obtained at any United States Post Office, or County or City Public Library. If, after moving, you are residing in Los Angeles County, you can get voter registration forms at the Union office.

Labor’s New Mortgage Program is a Winner!

Thanks to a national AFL-CIO home buying program for our members and families, union brothers and sisters can now get important and timely help towards owning a home, the centerpiece of the American Dream. The Federation’s HIT-HOME Program has already helped dozens of Los Angeles-area buy their first homes. To learn more about this outstanding and supportive financial boost, call the Union office of Countywide Home Loans at 866/HIT-HOME.

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