February 2003 •  Published for the members of IBEW Local 18 and their families

Remembering a Fallen Brother

Our Local 18 Brother, Brian Blaney, died last August at the Grossman Burn Center, following a work-related accident he suffered while on the job at the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power. Brother Blaney, a Power-Line Patrolman and a 22-year veteran of the DWP, was only 42 at the time of his death. He left behind his beloved wife of 20 years, Belinda, along with a daughter, Brooke, 16, and a son, Blake, 13. Brian was very well liked and respected by his colleagues, and he took pride and pleasure in always doing the best-possible job for the Department and the people it serves. He was a loyal member of Local 18, and is sorely missed!

Even though this very sad occasion is several months behind us, we continue to mourn Brother Blaney’s loss and offer our prayers to his family. Above all, we must never forget that the death of any fellow IBEW member on the job is a death in our family, and a reminder that many Local 18 brothers and sisters perform very dangerous—and vital—work in the course of their shifts. Worksite safety is a top priority: Please be careful out there!

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